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Changes affecting bins/recycling service

The maximum number of black bags that residents will be able to put out for collection will be 3 a fortnight.

There is no limit on how many blue bags can be put out for collection.

Food waste is collected weekly.

Large families of six or more, families that have children in nappies and households that produce ash waste from indoor fireplaces will be able to apply for additional bags if they need it.

If residents need a replacement brown caddy or green bin, they are available from one of the Hwbs or the council offices in Llandeilo, which will be quicker, or they can order them online.

To help residents recycle their food waste, CCC will be delivering three rolls of food bin liners for the brown kitchen caddies along with three rolls of blue bags.

Deliveries begin in October until the end of March and residents can use the online delivery tracker on the council's website to find out when theirs is due.  Simply type in your postcode and it will tell you your month of delivery.

Changes will be made at the recycling centres from October 7.  Residents are being asked to separate any recyclable items from non-recyclable items before they arrive.  All black bags will be opened and if they contain any items that can be recycled they will have to be sorted on site.

Recycling changes


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