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Age Cymru Sir Gâr

Age Cymru offer free Information & Advice for older people in Carmarthenshire. A number who have benefitted from this service live within the Kidwelly ward. Age Cymru take approximately 2 sessions to achieve a number of welfare benefits for an older person. Firstly they identify what benefits someone might be entitled to and prepare a plan to access all benefits identified. For instance if a person is identified as being eligible for Attendance Allowance, this is put in place first, then all other eligible benefits follow suit, such as a claim for pension credit, council tax /housing benefit and all other benefits that a person might be entitled to receive.

Age Cymru Sir Gar's Information Officer ensures that all welfare benefits are applied for from that one phone call. This is a person centred approach that Age Cymru take for all of their services.

Once identified as being eligible Age Cymru support the older person to achieve those benefits. This is their typical approach: If requested they order the forms. Once received, an appointment is made with that older person, either in the office or at home (depending on mobility and access issues). Then either Age Cymru Sir Gar's information officer (if the case is particularly complex) or a trained volunteer will help the older person complete the form. Being able to visit the older person at home to help them access welfare benefits is unique to Age Cymru Sir Gar (unless it’s a health issue such as cancer, in which case we arrange for a Tenovus support worker or similar health related welfare benefit worker to support that person, ensuring they get the support they need) either way the older person needs to make no further phone calls.

Each free information and advice session costs the charity approximately £40 – which also includes any follow up support to complete forms (including home visits). Age Cymru Sir Gar currently have 1 full time information officer and 6 volunteers who have achieved the income for older people set out in the attached impact report.  Please follow this link to view a pdf copy of the impact report. 

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