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Welsh Government’s Programme for Government

The Welsh Government’s Programme for Government (please follow this link for further information) and the associated Well-being Statement (please follow this link for further information)for this Senedd term has now been published, setting out the ambitious set of commitments which Welsh Ministers intend to deliver this term.

This government programme will create a stronger, fairer, greener and more compassionate Wales, addressing the unprecedented challenges we face whilst allowing us to look forward with hope and optimism. It is a credible programme, which focusses on ways we can make the greatest difference to the lives of people in Wales both now and in the future, as well as help our communities thrive working with our valued partners and stakeholders at all levels.

Importantly, the Programme for Government sets out a clear vision of a Wales where we all work together in the spirit of social partnership to deliver the future we all want to see. The principles of inclusion, joint working and social justice will be at the heart of our work, recognising and celebrating the diversity of perspectives and experiences in Wales. As our trusted stakeholders and delivery partners, you will have a particularly important part to play – we will not be able to deliver without your expertise, insight and capability.

We look forward to working closely with you across this Senedd term.

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