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Kidwelly Community Hub

Kidwelly Community Hub is FOR the community BY the community. It is managed and run by volunteers to:

  • Provide signposting services
  • Provide tourist information
  • Help to regenerate the town and area
  • Help people who are disabled or disadvantaged
  • Provide services not otherwise available in the area
  • Help people to get jobs
  • Provide training and create opportunities
  • Provide a home and facility for other organisations
  • Bring wellbeing and prosperity to Kidwelly and the surrounding area

The Hub aims to provide a place for any member of the community, to help fulfill needs, to bring together services and providers under one roof, to fill the gaps in public services and to bring equality, inclusion and wealth to the people of kidwelly and the surrounding area. Hub projects also provide training, work experience and skills for people who are out of work or working towards a career, whatever the ability or disability of the person.

The Hub is supported by Ynghyd CIC, a Kidwelly-based social enterprise (non-profit) that operates a number of projects from the Hub and aims to create similar Hubs in other communities within Carmarthenshire. The Hub is not supported by the County Council nor is it influenced by any statutory body.

The Hub is financially supported by Burns in the Community and Kidwelly Town Council, as well as many individuals. It relies on this support to survive and to continue providing much-needed services and resources for the community.

For more infomation visit the Kidwelly Community Hub web site

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