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Advanced Notice of Increased Noise at MOD Pendine

The MOD Pendine would like to notify you of the potential increase in noise levels during an activity that is taking place between 12 May and 4 June 2021, which consists of four loud explosions during that period at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Test and Evaluation Range at MOD Pendine. Please also note that there is the possibility that one or two of these could occur as late as 18.00 hrs.

These noise levels may exceed the site's usual noise limit of 135 decibels (dB)and noise monitoring will be in place during this period QinetiQ operate the facility on behalf of the MOD, and as part of the work to plan and manage explosive trials carry out acoustic forecasting, modelling and/or subsequent test shots. If it is assessed that the upper range limit of 135 dB might be exceeded, the trial may be postponed until more favourable conditions allow. However it is not always possible to delay and the trial is allowed to proceed as long as the statutory noise limit of 140dB will not be breached.

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